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About Us

Luxe Bites Inc is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in celebrating special occasions with the enjoyment of luxurious charcuterie boards, charcuterie boxes and grazing tables. We started off in 2018 making charcuterie boards as a fun hobby for cocktail parties. Dazzled friends on social media and the inevitable rise in the charcuterie trend allowed us to turn our passion into a catering service to spread love through the delivery of readily assembled charcuterie gift boxes, charcuterie boards, charcuterie cups and cones, and beautiful grazing tables!  Our boxes have become the new exciting trend to send as a surprise delivery to your loved ones.

Luxe Bites Inc is powered by sisters turned business partners. We are the founders, creators and driving force behind this catering business. We realize that the best memories are the ones made around the dinner table with our loved ones! Combining our fondness for food, creativity, and our desire to bring a captivating and trendy service to the Vancouver market — Luxe Bites Inc was established.

Our charcuterie boxes and grazing table catering are a true taste of luxury. We pride ourselves in hand-curating delicious, fresh, and Instagram-worthy charcuterie boxes, boards, cups, cones and grazing table spreads to compliment special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, beach picnics, birthday, corporate events, baby showers, employee appreciation gifts, engagement parties and more!  We look forward to bringing your charcuterie dreams to reality! We invite you to join the luxe lifestyle and try one of our scrumptious boxes today.

Treat yourself… You are worth it!  Just as fine wine, our charcuterie will only continue to get better with time!

Bon Appétit,
Grace & Cheryl


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