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Mini Charcuterie Box

Unveil the essence of elegance with our Mini Charcuterie Box, crafted to delight and surprise! Whether it's a spontaneous birthday treat, a heartfelt thank you, a jubilant congratulations, a thoughtful client gesture, or a charming event favor, this mini marvel leaves a lasting impression. Within each petite box awaits a curated selection of 2 exquisite cheeses, 2 savory charcuterie meats, a medley of fresh fruits, crisp baguette, buttery crackers, flavorful stuffed olives, and a savory or sweet dip. Perfectly portioned for 1-2 connoisseurs, our Mini Charcuterie Box promises a symphony of flavors in every bite
Note: We have a minimum order quantity of 2 for our Mini Charcuterie Box